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Sharing The Gifts of Nature

It's really quite personal and not just a slogan for me. Growing up the only child of a sometimes single parent left little time for big outings or events. Mom was often at work and I was often left to my own devices. There was an fairly nice sized pond behind the community where we lived, at that time in DeLand Florida. The old guy who had the property never complained about me taking the paddle boat out. Looking back I was no more that 7 or 8 years old. I had never had a swimming lesson. Crazy right! On a boat in the middle of a pond by myself, no parents in sight, possibly a few alligators or poisonous snakes though. But all I remember are the dragonflies and the flowers! Flat Laurel Cre

Unknown Heroes!

Some heroes go unnoticed or in my case unknown. One of my greatest heroes is a Black Mountain business owner by the name of Stephanie Felder Wildman. I have never met Stephanie and she has never met me but she is my hero. Whimsical Staged Photo Shoot with Sabrina Greene Rusk Photography About three years ago I was having lunch with my dear friend Anna in Black Mountain and we stumbled into the most amazing little gift shop. It was full of pretty things, cool things and even really weird things that I love. Nothing was ordinary; it was all extraordinary. The owner wasn't there but the clerk suggested that I sign up for the newsletter so I did. Summer Wedding Bouquet - McKenzie Botanicals A fe

We Love Local Asheville!

One of the things I love most about Western North Carolina is the sense of community that exists here. We work with local baker's, local photographers, and local venue owners & dress designers to offer our brides an authentic WNC experience and it makes all the difference in more ways than one. Last year's long Winter has led to a very slow production rate for this summer! While many of the local farms that we normally work with are off to a slow start others have diversified their crops and are offering new varieties this year. We will always strive to buy local first! Check us out in the Go Local directory. Here is what's blooming locally! Dahlia, Lace Cap & Pee Gee Hydrangea, Forget- Me-

What in Carnations!

Carnations are making a comeback & here are some great ways to use them! In this bridal shoot with Mark Robertson of Simple-I-Do's - I paired fuchsia carnations with lambs ear, stock, and hydrangeas for texture and color. Not only are carnations hardy,they come in a wide variety of colors and they are a fraction of the cost of higher end flowers like Peony and Garden Roses. In fact - Carnations, when grouped together have a similar look to some Peony and Garden Rose varieties. Don't get me wrong - Carnations are not always the easiest flower to work with. They can even be difficult at times! In a bridal bouquet like the one above they add soft waves of texture and fragrance. Just to give y

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